20 signs that you might be addicted to Pride and Prejudice

  1. Pride and Prejudice is your go-to comfort book. You can pick it up any time, open it anywhere, and start reading.
  2. Your friends think it might be time to branch out and try another book.
  3. You’ve memorized the opening sentence.
  4. You’ve read The Jane Austen Book Club and are disappointed that your friends don’t want to start one.
  5. You own both the BBC and the Kiera Knightly P&Ps on DVD.
  6. Your friends no longer find it funny when you quote the opening sentence whenever you encounter a rich single man at a bar.
  7. You have heated arguments with your friends about who is the better Mr. Darcy: Colin Firth or Matthew Macfadyen.
  8. You also own Lost in Austen on DVD.
  9. You’re willing to concede that Elliot Cowan was a pretty good Mr. Darcy, but he’s no Colin Firth.
  10. You test the walls in your bathroom every now and again, just in case the portal has appeared.
  11. You have the Austen shop on Etsy bookmarked on your computer.
  12. You watched Austenland and were mildly disappointed (except for the Jennifer Coolidge parts) but secretly want to go on a holiday like that.
  13. You’ll watch anything with Colin Firth in it because he really is Mr. Darcy.
  14. You read all three volumes of Pamela Aidan’s Mr. Darcy series to find out what Darcy was up to behind the scenes.
  15. You’ve read Death comes to Pemberley, but you draw the line at Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.
  16. Your friends have hinted that a person can only have so many Pride and Prejudice-inspired mugs, aprons and t-shirts. One “friend” actually said that bed sheets and pyjamas were taking it too far. You admit that you never liked her much anyway.
  17. You’re willing to concede that Longbourn might be a good book, but you think the author was a bit harsh on Lizzie.
  18. You loved that Colin Firth was the Mr. Darcy character in Bridget Jones Diary, because he really is Mr. Darcy! As you repeatedly told your friends, it was art imitating life imitating art imitating life…
  19. Some of your friends have begun saying they’re “busy” when you have your monthly P&P movie-marathon sleepovers.
  20. You’ve decided that watching Pride and Prejudice, much like reading Pride and Prejudice, is far more diverting on your own.

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