Your next great read: Before the Fall by Noah Hawley

before the fall by noah hawley on what's inside that nut?
Tragedy and mystery, the insidiousness of the media, and the unreliability of memory.

A small private plane crashes into the ocean on a nighttime flight between Martha’s Vineyard and New York; there are two survivors. This much you know before you open the book, and even before the start of the first chapter you’re already involved in the characters’ lives. The rest of the story follows what happens after the crash by tracing the lives of the passengers and their actions in the days and weeks leading up to that fateful night.

But lives and actions are rarely straightforward. Fact and truth are dependent upon time, memory, and interpretation, and complicating the search for answers is the media’s agenda and the need to sell news regardless of its basis in reality.

Noah Hawley wrote for both Bones and the FX series Fargo and this book plays out like a tv show you can’t stop binge watching. From the initial crash to the immediate aftermath to the unfolding of the characters lives past and present, the mystery of why and how the plane went down will keep you turning pages long after your bedtime.


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