Best Book of the Summer!

Sorry, but I am compelled to interrupt your previously scheduled programming for a brief public service announcement: go and read Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory.

Spoonbenders by Daryl Gregory on What's inside that nut?

I’m calling it: best book of the summer.

I know, summer’s only half over, and I know, I called the Canada Reads winner prematurely and look what happened. (Although I still think I was right on that count, no disrespect to Fifteen Dogs.) But trust me on this.

About a family of psychics, Spoonbenders follows The Amazing Telemachus Family from Teddy and Maureen’s courtship and the CIA’s interest in their abilities, to their grandson Matty’s discovery of his own powers, culminating in a spot of trouble with the mob. It’s funny and engaging, and you will love every single character.

You won’t want  it to end.

You might even acquire some psychic powers of your own after reading it. I know I did: I see Spoonbenders in your future…


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