Fire and Fury: oops, I did it again

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff on what's inside that nut

I said I wasn’t going to read any more books on US politics, and then: Fire and Fury.

Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff on what's inside that nutIs it any good? Oh yeah. It’s dessert-for-dinner good. It’s eat-a-whole-bag-of-chips-in-one-sitting good. You will feel sick afterwards, and you might wish you hadn’t indulged, but it’s so addictive, you just can’t put it down.

Will you learn anything new? Probably not, depending on how closely you follow current events, but there are some jaw-dropping moments along the lines of I CAN’T BELIEVE HE SAID THAT!!

Three things in particular stood out for me. (Spoiler Alert… Not.)

1)       The White House is in complete disarray. Utterly disorganized. It’s no wonder nothing’s getting done; no one has a clue what they should be doing or how to do it.

2)      Donald Trump is a colossal ignoramus. I know, I know, tell me something new… but seriously, it is astonishing how clinically clueless he is. After reading Katy Tur’s book , you say “yep, Unbelievable.” And after reading Hillary’s book you say,” yep, that’s What Happened.” This book should have been called “Really? REALLY??

3)      Nothing beats the power of a good editor. Obviously rushed to press, Fire and Fury is so full of run-on and convoluted sentences, at times you’ll finish a paragraph wondering what the hell just happened. However, maybe it’s intentional: maybe it was intended as a metaphor for the current US administration.

Despite the despair that may dog your days after reading Fire and Fury, it is an entertaining read. Just know that you might need a month or two of healthy, whole-grain-and-veggies reading to dispel the after-effects.


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