Other Projects

When I’m not reading or writing about reading, I’m filling in my rather-be-reading time with two exciting projects:

The Brave Art Lab is an online creative hub for artists, photographers, writers and crafters. A place where creative types can share their work. Looking for a place to showcase your own creative endeavours? Check out The Brave Art Lab and then drop us a line at thebraveartlab@gmail.com. We’d love to see what you’re up to!

Let Go and Launch is a brand new website devoted to bringing you essential information, first-hand accounts, and best-of-the-web sites about finances for teens, landing summer jobs, and preparing for post-secondary education. While far from experts ourselves, we look to our friends, trusted experts, and the kids who have been there, done that to provide real-life stories and reliable advice so that none of us have to go it alone.