What is inside that nut?

This is a blog about nuts: pine nuts, peanuts, pistachio nuts…

No. Wait.

This is a blog about books. All kinds of books.

Except bad books. Let’s keep things positive around here, okay? No negative reviews.

Unless I really can’t help myself, of course. Unless I feel it’s in your best interest to stay far away from a particular book. Consider a bad review a public service announcement: life is too short to read bad books. (That said, writing a book is really hard, and getting one published even harder, so if someone has managed to do both, who am I to dis their effort?)

I’ll read pretty much anything, but I have a particular weakness for:

  • anything magical,  fantastical, or post-apocalyptic
  • detective stories with a hint of romance
  • all things Jane Austen
  • any book that makes me laugh

Desert island top five authors?

  1. David Sedaris (see above, re: laughs)
  2. Robert Galbraith (for detective stories, and also JK for magical. Two birds, one stone)
  3. Guy Gavriel Kay (magical and fantastical and historical, and all of them are good and long in case you’re stuck on the island for a while)
  4. Jane Austen (I wasn’t kidding about all things Jane)
  5. Agatha Christie, because she’s comfort food, and you’d need that on a desert island… or Diana Wynne Jones because she’s gold, or Ann Patchett because she’s platinum, or Neil Gaiman, because duh. Plus Joe Abercrombie, David Mitchell, Nick Hornby… wait, whose idea was it to limit it to five?

Have a book to recommend? Drop me a line! Let’s talk books.